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Hyper Flexible, highly pigmented shadows that work just as amazing as an eye shadow, a blush or for highlight and contouring.
You can also use them dampened to create an eyeliner out of each color(!) - red or blue or whatever colour you like! Using an angled brush you can fill in your brows with any one of the shadows, either dry for a soft framing of the brow, or damp to create small hair-like strokes for a perfectly natural look.

It does not stop there. Mix the hyperflexible shadows with our transparent cream MIXING BASE and you can create anything from creme eyeshadow, creme blusher, creme highlighter, creme contouring, custom lip-shades - you name it... You can even mix them with our lip gloss to get any glossy colour of your choice. Perfect if you're out on a location and the demand suddenly is for a yellow eyeliner or a black lip gloss!

.FÄRG Collection encourage you to be your own makeup artist. We encourage you to break the makeup boundaries. Create your own expression and invent your own products!


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