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Karlavägen 53, 114 49 Stockholm
Phone +46 (0)8 - 640 79 01

Business hours

Monday-Friday 10 am -18 pm

Saturdays: 12 am -16 pm

Sundays/Holidays: CLOSED


Odinsgatan 26, 411 03 Gothenburg
Phone +46 (0)31 - 40 79 01

Business hours

Monday-Friday: Only booked appointments - call us to book.

Saturdays: 12 am -16 pm

Sundays/Holidays: CLOSED


Stora Nygatan 17, 211 37 Malmo
Phone +46 (0)40 - 12 10 60

Business hours

Fridays: 14 am -16 pm

Last saturday of every month: 12 am -16 pm

Sundays/Holidays: CLOSED

The following days the shops always have closed: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Christmas Anniversary, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Thironday, Long Friday, Easter Eve, Easter Easter, Valborgsmässo Eve, First May, The Day of Christ's Ascension, National Day 6/6, The day before Midsummer, Midsummer Eve, Midsummer Day. Summer holidays closed 23 / 6-31 / 7


Should you not find the answer to your question please do not hesitate to contact us at order@fargcollection.com

Are your products tested on animals?
We are happy to tell you that .FÄRG Collection is a cruelty free brand.  

Would you consider your products to be suitable for vegans?
Some products are completely free from all types of animal ingredients, for example, our Mineral and Setting Powder. Our Cover Foundation and Colour Correctors/Concealers are also to be considered vegan.
However - some products may contain animal ingredients as Carmine or Bees Wax. Please see specific classification for each product. 

I have placed an order and received the invoice but not the products – where are they?
In our terms we state that we normally deliver within Sweden within 5 working days but we try to ship your order the same day – if you place your order before 2pm – or at the latest the day after but please bare in mind that we have stated 5 working days at the most. When it comes to international customers it can take up to 10 working days. 

I placed my order well over 5 working days ago and I have still not received the goods – but I did get the invoice! What are you doing?!
Then something has gone wrong with shipping becaus we always deliver at the latest 5 working days (10 if you are an international customer) after you placed your order. Please contact us directly. Now, if you, as payment method, chose to pay by invoice – it is VERY important that you call Svea Ekonomi at +46 (0)8-514 931 13 and tell them that you haven’t received your order so that they don’t charge you for late payment.

I have placed an order and received the delivery but not the invoice, when will I receive it?
Normally you will receive your invoice 1-3 days after the order is placed.

What are the payment terms?
14 days from order is placed.

I have never received the invoice, lost it or need to obtain extended payment period. What should I do?
Call Svea Ekonomi at +46 (0)8-514931 13

I have a discount code, but I forgot to use it or it doesn’t work. Can I leave a message in addition to my order so that the discount will be withdrawn from my total sum later?
No, unfortunately not. If the order has been placed we do not offer an extra discount. Please contact us at +46 (0)8-640 79 01 or info@makeupfabriken.se prior to placing your order. If phoning – please have your discount code at hand – if emailing, please enter the discount code so that we can verify it is and correct and without errors. 

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